One Piece Film Z Luffy T-Shirt

One Piece Film Z Luffy T-Shirt

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In this film, Luffy and his crew will have to face a former Navy admiral named Z who wants to eliminate all the pirates of the New World with stones, the Dyna Rocks, whose destructive power equals that of the Ancient Weapons ...
The film opens with a Neo-Marine attack on a Navy base. The defeated government soldiers, Z the head of the Neo-Marines, and his two subordinates Ain and Bins, open a room containing large glass jars that contain some kind of pink eggs. These are Dyna stones, devastating weapons of mass destruction, and the coveted objects of the Neo-Marines. After they came out, they were attacked by Admiral Kizaru. While Ain and Bins evacuate the rest of the troops, Z faces Kizaru. After two hours and a few minutes of fighting, the admiral asks Z to hand over Dyna's stones, but Z reveals that on contact with oxygen, these stones cause a huge explosion. He then takes one of the jars containing a stone and breaks it, exposing the stone to oxygen. The resulting explosion totally destroys the island on which Z and Kizaru were fighting, leaving a huge lava eruption in its place. Kizaru managed to narrowly escape the explosion thanks to his powers, while Z, who was caught in the blast, was sent flying away and landed somewhere in the ocean. The action then centres on the Thousand Sunny, where the Straw Hat crew is disturbed by volcanic ash falling from the sky. Nami realizes that one of the needles of his Log Pose is very agitated, and infers that the island it was pointing at has become too dangerous to visit. Luffy also notices the needle, and to Nami's and Usopp's displeasure, decides to go to the island anyway. During the journey, they recover an unconscious shipwrecked man with a huge mechanical arm made of marine granite. After waking up, the castaway, who is none other than Z, reveals to Luffy and Chopper that he was a former Navy admiral. Unfortunately, Luffy will accidentally reveal that he is a pirate. Z immediately gets angry and attacks the crew. While Z confronts Luffy, Zoro and Sanji inside the Thousand Sunny, the Neo-Marines manage to track down their leader via a Carte Vitale, and arrive shortly thereafter. Ain and Bins board the Sunny, and confront the rest of the crew. However, despite their efforts, the crew was not victorious. Z easily defeats Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, Bins uses his power to put Usopp, Brook and Franky out of action by trapping them with creepers, and Ain rejuvenates Nami, Robin, Chopper and Brook by twelve years each with his power. Z ejects Zoro and Sanji from the room where they were fighting, and takes Luffy by the waist. The young captain at his mercy, the former admiral asks his name. When Luffy tells him his name is Monkey D. Luffy, Z realizes that he is the grandson of the legendary Navy soldier, Monkey D. Garp. He throws Luffy off, declares that the crew will perish, and orders his ship to bomb the Thousand Sunny. The Thousand Sunny suffers heavy damage, but the crew manages to escape with a Burst. Meanwhile, the high ranking Marines have a meeting about Z in their headquarters. Garp, Kobby and Hermep, who are not participating in this meeting, are standing near the island that Z destroyed earlier. Kobby asks Garp if Z is really that dangerous, and Garp confirms that as a former Admiral, and with his plans, Z is indeed a danger of the first order. He then asks, "Z, do you really hate us that much? Are you really willing to go that far? ». Elsewhere, we find the crew on an island called Dock Island, waiting for Franky to repair the Sunny. An old carpenter, Mobston, explains to them that they are not the only victims of Z: many other crews saw their dreams and ambitions destroyed by the former admiral. Unable to let this happen as a former sailor himself, Mobston retrieved all the equipment that the crews left behind, to give it to anyone strong and brave enough to take on Z. He then realized that the Straw Hats were planning to chase Z to defeat him and bring Nami, Robin, Chopper and Brook back to their true ages, and offered to take this equipment. The crew accepts, but not before buying new clothes (their normal clothes having all burned during the Neo-Marines' attack) and getting information about Z. To do this, Mobston's granddaughter advises the crew to go to the neighbouring island by sea train, as Dock Island has no other point of interest than their port. So they proceeded to the island in question, Secon Island, where they parted by not attracting attention. Nami, Robin, Chopper and Usopp go to a bar where they disguise themselves to collect information on Z, while Luffy, Zoro, Brook and Sanji go to the hot springs to recover from their fight against Z. In the thermal baths, they will meet the former Admiral Aokiji who also takes his bath and who seemed to be waiting for them here. On his side, Nami learns from a Marine that Z would be on the island, but just as the soldier was about to reveal his intentions, his superior interrupts him and the group is forced to flee. On Luffy's side, Aokiji tells them that Z would have found a way to stop the Great Wave of Piracy by destroying the One Piece. When Nami's group finds Luffy and the others, they are chased by Navy soldiers, but Luffy defeats them using the Royal Fluid and questions their superior, who tells them that Z is on the opposite side of the island. We then see Z using Dyna's stones to awaken the island's volcano, causing a big eruption. He then prepares to talk to his men about the Great Imbuto, but is interrupted by Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp. Z orders Ain and Bins to attack Zoro and Sanji, while Z himself confronts Luffy. In spite of the young captain's power, Z defeats him by shooting him with a Granit Marin bullet in the shoulder, which weakens Luffy. Seeing the straw hat of the latter, Z realizes then that it is because of Shanks the Red that Luffy has become a pirate. He steals the hat, and leaves, leaving Luffy unconscious behind. Ain and Bins also interrupt their fighting to evacuate the island before it is destroyed. Zoro, Sanji and Usopp find Luffy, pick him up, and try to escape, but the eruption overtakes them. Fortunately, Aokiji saves them in extremis, and they manage to evacuate the island just before its explosion. Meanwhile, at a Navy base, Kobby questions Garp about Z's story. Garp reveals to the young Marine that Z's real name is Zephyr, and that he had become an Admiral at a very young age. He had quickly made a name and reputation for his strength and mastery of the Fluid, which gave him the nickname "Zephyr with the Black Arm". But one day, a pirate who hated Zephyr killed his wife and son while they were living a happy life. He left his position as Admiral and became an instructor to train young Marines. Many of these mosses, under the training of the former Admiral, grew in stature and in turn became great soldiers, such as Smoker, Hina, the Three Admirals, and many others. Years passed, but a bigger tragedy happened: another pirate attacked Zephyr's training ship. The battle was a tragic defeat for Zephyr, who lost not only his arm, but almost all the soldiers on board. Only two of them, Ain and Bins, survived the attack. A few years later, Zephyr obtained an arm made of Sea Granite from Navy scientists, and he created an attack unit to hunt down users of Demon Fruit powers. But one last piece of news toppled Zephyr for good: A year ago, (i.e. during the ellipse) the pirate who decimated Z's recruits and cut off his arm was named Captain Corsair. Zephyr, outraged by this news, left the Navy, changed his name to Z, and decided to apply his own justice. Elsewhere, Aokiji met Z on an island, and asked him if he intended to die to achieve his goal. Z tells him that he doesn't mind if it makes the pirates disappear and that the Navy can't apply true justice. Elsewhere, Aokiji meets Z on an island, and asks him if he intends to die to reach his goal. Z tells him that he doesn't mind if it makes the pirates disappear and that the Navy can't apply real justice. Back on Dock Island, the Straw Hats are recovering from their second defeat. Aokiji finds the crew, and explains Z's plan to them. The islands that Z has destroyed with Dyna's stones are two of the three to destroy the three End Points of the New World, islands holding the Great Imbuto, a huge concentration of underground magma. Aokiji tells them that if the third End Point were to be destroyed, there would be a chain reaction that would cause a major eruption that would destroy the New World. So the crew decides to find Z before it destroys the last End Point, and to help them in this endeavor, Aokiji gives them an Eternal Pose leading straight to their destination. Mobston gave the crew the equipment he had accumulated, and the Straw Hats set off. Once there, the crew fights a battle against Z's fleet. After helping their comrades defeat the main body of troops, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji leave the battle to find and confront Z, Ain and Bins. Zoro and Sanji easily win their battles, which finally allows Nami, Chopper, Robin and Brook to return to their true ages. Meanwhile, Z and Luffy fight mercilessly under the eyes of Aokiji, who announces that "Zephyr with Black Arm" has finally returned. Luffy manages to destroy Z's mechanical arm, forcing him to abandon it in favour of another prosthetic arm, with which he continues the fight. The two fighters end up being exhausted, but Luffy wins anyway. Z asks his enemy to finish him off, but Luffy refuses, claiming that he has already recovered what he came for. Z then lets Luffy go, but the Neo-Marines and Straw Hats are surrounded by Admiral Kizaru. Feeling his hour approaching, Z gathers his last forces and decides to confront Kizaru and his squad alone, to allow Luffy, Ain, Bins and Aokiji to escape. Ain tries to stop him, but a wall of ice erected by Aokiji prevents him from going any further. Ain then melts in tears, while Z faces the Marines with fervor. The Straw Hats manage to escape, but Z perishes in the battle. Ain, Bins and Aokiji retrieve Z's mechanical arm and use it as a grave for the former Admiral. Ain and Bins mourn the death of their former master, but Aokiji tries to console them by reminding them what a great man Z was. The film ends with a flashback of Zephyr in his childhood. Disguised as a superhero, he protects a little girl from a gang of rascals who had stolen her doll before declaring himself loud and clear as the hero of justice, Z. During the end credits, we learn that the Straw Hats have gone back to Mobston one last time, to return the equipment he had collected, thank him for his help and say goodbye. We also learn that Gari, Mobston's grandson, has decided to become a pirate in his turn. Get this One Piece T-Shirt to the effigy of the Movie Z now, strong Pirate !

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Made with our heat-friendly fabric called Perino, the One Piece Short Sleeve T-shirt is designed to offer ventilation and cooling to battle the hot weather. The Organic & Polyester fabric are the ultimate blend of comfort and performance. The specially developed fiber from Japan is permanently quick-dry, anti-odor, and thermal regulating. Stay fresh and comfortable in Perino !



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